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Device Mockup created from iPad Mini mockups

Enabling Devices

Designing for the
undesigned for


Enabling device's niche market addresses a customer base that is highly specific and often left out of corporate design plans. With this in mind our team set out to research what we can do to better this experience for our audience.

Programs Used

Project Date: November 2021

Project Team: Thalia Wilson, Machaela Page, Kyle Slack



Hearing our user

Talk about early design process

When children are diagnosed with any kind of disability, parents sometimes fear the worst. Our goal is to aid them in understanding and navigating our website better.

The question

Why are we leaving parents alone in the process of deciding what device will be best for their child when we can help?

Solution building

Low fidelity prototypes

Our solution is an introduction to account creation that will provide recommendations depending on the caretaker's child's needs while making slight quality-of-life changes to the site overall.

Research methods

- Usability Survey

- A/B Testing

- Competitive Analysis

- Paper prototyping

Final Design

Now with fancy mock ups!

The best part of this work comes from the research behind the designs. Our team used the existing design and style guide of Enabling Devices when creating our designs.

A digital change allows us to save money by creating a whole new campaign and instead adding to what already exists. It also allows for our solution to reach a wider audience than our pre-existing customer base.

full report


more research

While we polled non-users, interviewed our audience (once), and did iterative testing. I still believe our biggest fault would be not interviewing more Enabling Device Users, or even getting in touch with ED themselves for a chat.


The design is not the most insane-draw-dropping-no-one-else-thought-of-this design. But that only matters when you want to win awards or build something for no-one.

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