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Vision Handyman

Freelance Branding, marketing, and ux.


Vision is a local handyman business in Mobile AL that was looking to increase the quality of customer leads as well as their overall business presence. This included branding identity, logo design, marketing design, web design, and more.

Programs Used

Project Date: July 2023

Project  layout: 3 phases




Create a consistent brand using defined colors, type, logo treatments, etc.

Templates for social media outreach and physical marketing devices.

Review the current website and grade its effectiveness.

Logo and branding rework


OLd Full Logo

Vision Handyman old logo
Whats the baseline?

The original branding of Vision was sufficient with a calm professional blue, and a logo and type.  

OLd symbol

A illustrated handyman character smiles with his arms crossed.
Vision old logo symbol


New Logo

Vision Logo
is king

The new branding called for a modern and high end look. Removing details and adding a more direct style guide to branding will be successful in elevating Vision from being just another handyman in Mobile Alabama.

New Symbol

Vision Logo Symbol

with new branding comes new marketing

In phase two we begin moving this new logo and branding onto usable products to promote the company and gain newer high income clients. 

These highly visible door hangers are key to getting the right clients for the Vision Handyman business. They are strategically left on potential clients' doors, and in comparison to their competitors are much more clear and concise about the service being advertised.

The hangers are perforated so users may tear off the bottom section and keep it on their refrigerators for later use. 

Door Hanger Back
Door Hanger Front

Updating Statistics

The influence of this design change will take time to have a fully measurable impact. However, the website is currently experiencing a significant increase in traffic.


The goal of rebranding was to increase the quality of leads for Joe's Handyman business. As the new marketing rolls out we eagerly await feedback on just how much this job has improved the Vision Handyman business. 

Vision Handyman KPI 101823.PNG
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