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Park up front overhaul (part 1)


Park Up Front is currently a social media app for automotive enthusiasts. Using the app, drivers can show off their cars, find local events, and join clubs. I took some time to develop the interface of the app further and help users find what they wanted quicker. My designs, while imperfect, seek to address gaps in task error rate and open opportunities for future growth.

Project Date: December 2023

Project Timeline: 1 Month

Programs Used


Adobe Photoshop

Initial survey reports show users are largely unsatisfied with the puf app

What users had to say

"Too complex

for older people"

"UI is ugly and clunky"

"It has no purpose"

"It's too cumbersome"

"Difficult to

navigate at first"


"Needs to be updated"

Comments were sourced from a survey of 35 Responses

New Designs

Another Project:
Creator behind the creation:
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