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Mockup made by me. That's right it was a real model!

Bagel Bus

Getting creative with wicked problems


The Bagel Bus is a food truck that relies on its community in order to provide cheap and free meals to those who cannot provide for themselves. The bus allows for multiple locations in a city to be served each day while picking up food with ease each night. 

Project Date: October 2021

Project  Timeline: 6 weeks

Programs Used




How do you provide a service to untraceable and forcibly out of modern touchpoint users?

What effect does this new meeting place have on those not directly involved? Is it a bad or good experience?

What resources are currently available for those seeking alternate and low cost food options?

Solution on wheels

The Bagel Bus (not life scale)

In my solution I would need to design the bus; how it drives, where it stores food, where volunteers can cook and prepare the food, and so on. I would also need to think of ways to market the bus to its target audience.

Marketing ideas

- Stickers?

- Federal funding?

- Social media?

- Paper brochure !!!!

Advertising like its 2003

A brochure to keep users up to date

The brochure would need to break up 5 main points of information: where it is, what it provides, how long it will be in place for, who is welcome, and what it looks like.

This was a project where I really got to get creative with it and have some fun in designing a system to better a user experience.

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